Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seaweed Charlie

If you find yourself desiring a drive on a balmy Chicago eve, follow Lake Shore Drive north to Sheridan Road. This street lazily winds its way along Lake Michigan, past humble row houses and prestigious universities alike. However, pay attention as the pavement snakes around a sharp bend between the lake and Calvary Cemetery. Those who don't keep their eyes on the road have nearly collided with the spectral form of Seaweed Charlie. In the 1950's, during World War II, it was common to see pilots from the Glenview Naval Air Station practicing maneuvers over the calm, azure waters of Lake Michigan. Most of these training flights were uneventful until the day a plane lost radio contact, never to be heard from again. Two days after the plane fell off radar, the body of the unfortunate pilot washed up on the rocks along Sheridan Road directly adjacent to the cemetery. To this day, unlucky motorists continue to see a dark, drenched figure in an aviators jacket drag itself out of the lake and across the road. The horrifying wraith disappears inside Calvary Cemetery, leaving only the stunned drivers and a slimy trail of water in his wake.


  1. COOL! Me and my friends at school are doing some research on ghosts.
    Did you post any more stuff on monsters or ghosts?

  2. "In the 1950's, during World War II,"? You have no idea about history, do you?