Monday, February 28, 2011

Grimmer Fairy Tales-- The End

And so the kingdom watched as their angry prince accepted his throne, taking as his bride the unlikeliest of queens. There were those in the kingdom who mocked the notion of kneeling before the daughter of a common blacksmith although those whose displeased tongues wagged too loudly found themselves face to face with the dungeon's resident predator, never to be seen again. Yet, most who heard the fearsome rumors thanked their lucky stars their daughters remained safe at home, wondering if perhaps a peasant girl though lacking in grace and decorum wasn't somehow better equipped to handle the ire of her new husband. The palace smithy reopened after so many dormant years as the young queen's father settled in, wanting to be close to his beloved daughter. The palace was again the realm of the living, the tragic ghosts retreating to the shadows where they belonged. No longer did the light in the tower room burn at all hours of the day and night. No longer was the prince content to play alone. A steady glow could be seen flickering from the library as every evening the young monarchs sat at the chessboard, locked in a tireless battle of wits. And slowly, very slowly, the angry prince's animosity towards the world began to melt like ice crystals turning to dew on the morning rose. Then, one happy day, the first of many children was born to the king and queen. On that day, the sun returned once more to the darkened kingdom. On that day, the angry prince, at long last, smiled.

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