Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Night Falls Fast

I've never been a big one for labels. Unlike so many of my colleagues, I don't use my professional title in personal life. On some level, I am absolutely mortified when people find out what I do since I am convinced (paranoia be damned) they start to treat me differently. Nevertheless, amongst my friends and loved ones I've been labeled as Goth since high school. I am alright with that. Recently I stumbled across a great article on CNN (who apparently gave up reporting news in favor of opinion pieces):Where my Goths at?
As I near thirty, I am reminded the "phase" my mother so fervently hoped I'd grow out of is here to stay. No, I don't wear black at all times. I've given up dying my hair unnatural shades. My tattoos remain well hidden at work. Yet, look closely and I am wearing a subtle spiderweb necklace. The only nail polish colors I own range from dark green to burgundy to onyx. And much to my husband's occasional chagrin, I decorate the house in what can only be described as Addams Family chic. More than anything, Goth is a state of mind. It's an appreciation of the morbid and macabre, finding happiness and joy in the bizarre. It's seeing the world through grey-tinted glasses. Plus, those tinted glasses are a life saver on a sunny day.     

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