Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lamentations of the women

All I ever wanted was to be ordinary. I guess no one can really be normal since normalcy itself is a moving target. Everyone has their little quirks, but mine get in the way more often than not. And after what happened recently, there's no way I am ever going to attain the uncomplicated life. I suppose it was inevitable. You can't escape who you are no matter how hard you try. As much as I wanted to keep everyone and everything from my long and unusual past out of my present, in the end, I couldn't. It's like everyone knows how hard you work to make everything copacetic and that makes it more fun for them to send it all crashing to the ground. Sorry about that. I have a bad habit of telling stories backwards. Maybe I should start at the beginning. My name is Narcissa, Cissa to pretty much everyone. I am a vampire.

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